︎ 01-08-2023  ︎ JUPITER ︎ KLECKS

These excerpts are from real-time recorded experiments of an audio-reactive generative piece I built called KLECKS. The name Klecks comes from the German word "Tintenklecks," which translates to "inkblots." There is a form of art called klecksography in which images are created from inkblots dropped onto a piece of paper and then folded while still wet to create mirrored patterns.

This art form was made famous by psychologist Hermann Rorschach in the 1920s. Rorschach developed the inkblot test, also known as the Rorschach test, while studying Freud's work on dream symbolism with Eugen Bleuler, who also taught Carl Jung.

Symmetry has a powerful effect on the human tendency to see meaningful patterns in chaos or random data, known as apophenia. I've been using this concept to create visual spaces for the subconscious eye to roam free and potentially even project into. The footage in these excerpts are recordings of the visualizer as I run audio thru through it and shape it using midi controllers in real-time.